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Our rental program is offered for students in our trade area who are enrolled in Middle School Band. This does not include usage by any high school students. The rental is offered on a month to month basis. There is no designated length of time on the contract. As long as you keep the instrument, please know that you need to continue to pay your rent by the date it is due until you return the instrument to our store. We rent to parents or legal guardians of the student only, and require a current pictured Louisiana Drivers license. We do run a credit check through the credit bureaus before rental. We rent high quality flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, trumpets, trombones, percussion bell kits and snare kits, violins, and cellos. All have been through our shop to be certain they are properly sanitized, play tested and have all the required accessories – Ready to go to Band. All instruments except cello & alto saxophone rent for $27.09 per month plus the tax = $30.00. Cellos & Alto Saxophones rent for $46.95 plus the tax = $52.00. Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement (MRR) Protection if offered as an option for $6.00 per month for all instruments except the saxophone, which costs $8.00 per month. This replaces the instrument should it be lost through fire or theft. We require a police or fire department report within 72 hours of occurrence of your loss (this does not cover damage of our instrument due to misuse). Normal wear and tear is expected. Also covers routine maintenance and repair of the instrument while rented. At the end of the instrument rental, we will assess the instrument and there is no charge applied when the condition is reasonable and as expected. Our rental has a four month plan in which up to the first four months of the rental paid ($27.09 X 4 = $108.36) can be applied to the purchase of a new instrument. This purchase can be made at any time you choose. There is a $30.00 servicing fee that will be applied to all wind instruments should the instrument be returned prior to the payment of the first four months rent. There is no servicing fee after the first four months rent has been paid.


First year band students will not be issued the instrument until the band director meets with the students in the organized class. The instrument will be delivered to the school on the day requested by the band director. Your rental charges begin on the next billing cycle day of 5th, 15th, or 25th. We will send the parent a set of payment coupons. Payments become past due 3 days after your due date. A $10.00 late and processing fee is applied after three days if your payment is not received or postmarked within those 3 days. Payments are not to be made to the band director or school.


Our rental instruments are not to be serviced by any person other than our Service Center. We strive to put our rental repairs in line as quickly as possible. OUR FULL SERVICE CENTER IS ON SITE in our Lake Charles store. Find out more about our repair department by clicking the "Repairs" link at the top of the page.

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